Tabriz Blue Miniature Map

Tabriz Blue Miniature Map


The Leopold’s Day Miniatures are a city centre crop of the beautiful typographic cartography, captured in the Leopold’s Day Map of Dublin. The Miniature is an exquisitely detailed piece with an in-depth close up of the streets in existence on June 16th 1904, and alluded to by James Joyce in Ulysses. It measures a neat 240mm x 240mm.

One of the impressive aspects of the Miniature is its finishing, white foil is blocked onto a beautiful, premium, Colorplan board which weighs an impressive 700gsm and is produced by GF Smith. The first batch of Turquoise board has now sold out. This second edition is produced onto either Tabriz Blue or Real Grey. There is a lovely relief to the foiled areas from where they were struck by the block, and these areas catch the light to produce an exquisite contrast with the matt board.

This is a memorable, elegant, crisp, contemporary composition with historical typographic references. It it sent in a card envelope, so perfect to post it directly as a gift.

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