Museum of Literature Ireland (MoLI)

Today sees the launch of an amazing new museum for Dublin. The Museum of Literature Ireland (MoLI) is a 21st century museum dedicated to celebrating the life and works of 20th century and contemporary Irish writers. Ireland is a long established cultural superpower, despite it's size. The array of Irish writers is broad and ranges from the very eminent and celebrated, to a new boom of contemporary writers, bringing with them, a bold new context. MoLI will celebrate all the writers when it is due to open in Spring 2019.

There is one writer in particular that will have prominence, and that is James Joyce. A large proportion of the permanent exhibition, focuses on the life of Joyce and his works, throwing him firmly centre stage. Prized documents and first editions will be on display and in the spotlight. The name MoLI is also a nod to Molly Bloom from Ulysses, the wife of Joyce's fictional main character.

MoLI aims to do things in a 21st century way, with director Simon O'Connor promising a space which is animated and of activity, engages and encourages dialogue. This is to be an accessible place for all ages and we can not wait. For more, click here.


rachel kerr